The ABC of Operations

This course will provide students with the practical skills to enable them to improve their companies’ various supply chain processes through a very practical methodological approach based on the real-life experiences of companies renowned for excellence in operations management.

The evolution of the global economy, together with market globalization, is transforming planning, procurement, processing and distribution concepts in companies today. This rapid change makes keeping abreast of new trends in supply chain management a necessity. Companies need to offer high quality products and customer service, while at the same time incurring lower costs than their competitors. To achieve these objectives, it is essential to optimize all these processes and to carry out continuous and ongoing cost analysis of all the links in the chain.

Our course has a very practical methodological approach, and is based on the real-life experiences of highly competitive companies renowned worldwide for excellence in operations management. Classes will be taught by experienced executives from leading companies, whose experiences are applicable to any business model. The course includes visits to MERCADONA’s Logistics Center in Ribarroja and the FORD and SPB plants in Almussafes and Cheste respectively.

Right from the beginning, this program has been continually updated to reflect the latest trends in the world of operations and the supply chain.

We are confident that this new and improved version of the course will meet participants’ expectations.

The course is designed to enable participants to:

  • Recognize and understand the strategic role logistics plays in company operations, on both a national and international level.
  • Understand the critical processes in supply chain management that underlie the most successful business models.
  • Learn the techniques, methodologies and most innovative management strategies in operations and logistics, in order to implement them and make short term improvements to company operations.
  • Provide participants with the tools to review the design and operation of their supply chain, and make improvements from a comprehensive perspective.
  • Know the cost of processes and the importance of measuring in order to improve.

Highly practical content combining real life experiences with participative classroom sessions, round table discussions and workshops.

MBA Executive EDEM:

This program is part of the EDEM Executive MBA, a degree that can be earned by taking the component programs over one or more years. Consult EDEM for more information.

You must attend at least 80% of classes to obtain the diploma.

The ABC of Operations is targeted at:
  • Business owners, directors and managers who want or need to have a practical overview of supply chain management.
  • Managers in charge of operations, logistics, supply chain or purchasing areas.
  • Professionals and business consultants who can apply this knowledge to create added value in the practice of their profession.

September 25

Trends in supply chain management

  • The importance of the supply chain.
  • Best practices.

Alejandro Requena – Manager Partner of Deloitte

Planning and management of worldwide demand for footwear

  • Case Study: TEMPE (INDITEX Group)

Carmen Ruiz – Logistics Manager of TEMPE

October 2

Workshop: Agreements with value. From competition to cooperation
Manuel Jiménez Hidalgo – Operations Manager of AIR NOSTRUM

Planning and Procurement
Raúl Villar – Purchasing Director & Consumer Service of GAC

October 16

The issue of procurement and production in the supply chain
Tomás Martínez – Operations Manager of GRUPO PIKOLINOS

COSENTINO model transformation
Alberto Quevedo – Production Manager of COSENTINO

October 23

Logistics Operating Model of IKEA
Magdalena Anaut – Head of Logistics of IKEA;
Javier del Arco – Head of Supply Chain of IKEA 

Car manufacturing process

  • Visit to FORD Valencia Plant

Joaquín Muelas – Production Control Manager of FORD

November 6

Continuous improvement: Lean Management
Rafael Lucero – Partner of ADUM

Efficient management: Lean Management

  • Visit to Cheste’s SPB Plant

José E. Cabanes – Industrial Director of SPB

November 13

Transport and Logistics Process Optimization
José Luis Sánchez – Purchasing Director of AGFA

Process costs: DPP

  • The importance of negotiationn
  • The assembly line

Carlos Piñero – Coordinator of Cost Measurement Area of MERCADONA

November 20

The operations dashboard: measuring to improve

  • Design and use of dashboard
  • Key indicators and KPI
  • Practical applications

Ricardo Moreno Meseguer – Operations Manager of JUVER

Distribution, transport and warehouses

  • Case Study MERCADONA
  • Visit to Ribarroja’s logistics center

November 27

Efficiency in the supply chain
José Mª Bonmatí – General Manager of AECOC
María Tena – Logistics Manager of AECOC

Industry 4.0, practical implementation; and conclusions
Fernando Molinuevo – Managing Partner of MESLIDER 



Dates: October 24 – December 2, 2019
Timetable: Mondays, 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Duration: 8 x 9,5hr sessions (76 hrs)
Location: EDEM (La Marina de València – Muelle de la Aduana s/n. Valencia)

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