The ABC of Sales

In light of the current economic situation the arena of sales is an area that undoubtedly needs more attention, effort and dedication.

During this course students will have the opportunity to gain insights from the experiences of sales and marketing experts from businesses with proven success in sales.

Participants in this course will have the opportunity to learn about the experiences of companies that have enjoyed sales success, related by the very people involved. They will take away ideas to improve aspects at their companies, such as the ability to create strong brands, identify the real needs of customers, and attract and retain them; create and motivate sales teams, optimize products and prices to differentiate them from those of the competition, and what the new trends are in the marketing and commercialization of products.


To provide participants with an updated overview of sales and marketing focused on market orientation.

This implies working towards the following objectives:

  • Customer orientation: a business culture committed to creating superior value for buyers through marketing strategies and brand management.
  • Competitor orientation: a business culture committed to gaining competitive advantages over competitors.
  • Interfunctional coordination: a business culture that promotes coordination between departments to facilitate an understanding of business strategy and how to implement it.

Participants will learn the most innovative sales techniques and tools that will allow them to take on board ideas to improve companies’ sales campaigns.

  • First-hand case studies of companies successful in sales.
  • Managers with responsibilities in the areas of sales and marketing.
  • Professionals and business consultants who can apply this knowledge to create added value for their customers.

EDEM Executive MBA:

This program is part of the EDEM Executive MBA, a degree that can be earned by taking the component programs over one or more years. Consult EDEM for more information.

You must attend at least 80% of classes to obtain the diploma.

The ABC of Sales is aimed at:

  • Business owners, directors and managers who want or need to have an integrated and practical overview of how to approach sales and marketing in their companies.
  • Managers with responsibilities in the areas of sales and marketing.
  • Professionals and business consultants who can apply this knowledge to create added value for their customers.


A. Customer orientation.

  • Reinventing the customer experience.

Octavio Llamas – President and General Manager of Autogrill

  • Customer-oriented business strategy.

Alfonso Jiménez – President of Cascajares

  • How to offer an exemplary service.

Manuel Palma – President of Grupo Palma

  • Customer relationship transformation.

Eugenio Palomero – Partner Manager of Itineribus

B. Brand management.

  • Is the brand the main company asset?
  • Keys to brand success.
  • Brand positioning and impact on sales.

Luis Gómez – Brand Manager of Iberdrola


A. Why does a product line succeed or fail?

  • Product strategy – service – solutions.
  • Product portfolio management.

Jordi Campalans – Marketing Manager of Adam Foods

Jesús Navarro – CEO of Carmencita

B. Offer price and value

  • Pricing strategy: the definition and management of value offered to the market.

Mª José Félix – General Manager of Helados Estiu

Fernando Candela – President and CEO of Iberia Express

C. Communication as a key factor to success in sales

Jesús Suso – Manager of Comunidad Valenciana, Murcia y Baleares Area of Vodafone


A. New business models and technologies.

Roger Graell – Online Sales Director of Mango

B. The customer experience in the digital environment and multichannel retailing.

Remigio Lluch – Marketing Director of Prisa Noticias

C. Strategies for growth through internationalization.

Ignacio Ñíguez – CEO of Kanna

D. Differentiation strategies in marketing and sales.

Pedro López – General Manager of Chocolates Valor

E. The Keys to Success in Sales: Mercadona.

Carolina Roig – Coordinator Market Analysis Area of Mercadona


A. Remuneration as a Tool of Motivation.

Juan Vicente Tamarit – Commercial Manager of Alba Horneados

B. Organizing an effective sales team.

José Antonio Moreno – Manager Partner of MMC Consulting

C. The sales process from the buyer’s perspective.

David Hernández – Purchasing General Manager of Bimbo

D. Commercial Negotiation Workshop.

Francisco Javier Galán – Speaker – Coach

E. Commercial Persuasion Workshop.

Alejandro Hernández – Owner of Nichi Seijo




Dates: From September 6th to December 13th, 2019.
Timetable: Friday, 3:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Duration: 13 x 5hr sessions (65hr)
Location: EDEM (La Marina de València – Muelle de la Aduana, s/n. Valencia)
Price: 3.500€

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