The Art of Negotiating

A program that helps students to improve their negotiating skills through negotiation simulations based on case studies.

The objective of the program is to improve participants’ negotiating skills by:

  • Identifying the skills need for negotiation.
  • Practicing these skills in a positive, constructive learning environment.
  • Identifying the situations which require a negotiated solution because the avenue of persuasion has been closed.

Benefits for the participants:

  • Identifying and practicing the most effective negotiation behaviors.
  • Generating income and savings for their companies by putting the acquired knowledge into practice.
  • Understanding negotiating behaviors to approach the negotiation process with more confidence and less anxiety.
  • Getting better deals by applying the skills developed on the course.

Using negotiation simulations allows participants to work on their negotiation skills during the course, actively participating in real life cases to learn from their own experience.

The cases are short, simple and easy to understand, allowing the student to focus on practicing negotiation behaviors rather than on analyzing the case itself.

The simulations used in the course are not “role play”. They require participants to be themselves and focus on negotiating to reach an agreement.

Business owners, managers and anyone who needs to lead or take part in negotiating processes on a regular basis.

Alejandro Hernández Seijo.

He holds a degree in Law and is a qualified insurance broker. He began his professional career in 1991, in the American company Texaco Oil. He has worked in several international consultancy firms such as Krauthammer International and Alexander Proudfoot. He has been Country Manager for Spain and Portugal at Bang & Olufsen for 17 years. He is the owner of Nichi Seijo, which has 23 shoe stores located in Valencia, Alicante and Murcia, the tour operator Hiperfairs SA. and Training Providers.

He teaches the “15×15: Fifteen days with fifteen leading entrepreneurs“, “ABC of Selling” and “ABC of People Management” courses at EDEM School of Business. Author of several books, including the bestselling “Negociar es fácil, si sabe cómo” (“Negotiating is easy if you know how”) (Planeta 2011), “Negociación para Dummies” (“Negotiating for Dummies”) and “Vender es fácil, si sabe cómo”.(“Selling is easy, if you know how.”) (Planeta 2013)”.

1st. Session


  • Why do I have to negotiate?
  • Why negotiate and not sell?
  • The 5 phases of the process
  • Expert / Intermediate negotiator.
  • Sell first, negotiate later.


  • The arena of negotiation.
  • Roles at the negotiation table.
  • For whom would you work as a terrible negotiator?
  • Negotiating enriches the agreement, haggling impoverishes it.

5+5 MODEL:

  • 5 steps and 5 phases
  • This is how the FBI negotiates
  • Haggling is not Negotiating.
  • Planner 5.
  • Who proposes first?
  • How does one gain the power to negotiate?
  • Build rapport by negotiating, not surrendering.


  • Selling is not negotiating.
  • Persuasion vs. Negotiating Dialogue.
  • Irritants: “reasonable proposal”, “fair”.
  • Intertwined issues.
  • Assuming is dangerous.
  • Do not put on a poker face

2nd. Session


  • Advance proposals, not arguments.
  • That’s the way to make a proposal!
  • How to use your Wish List.
  • How to protect your proposal.
  • How the other party responds.
  • How to extract yourself from negotiations that have reached a standstill.
  • Goodwill is not contagious


  • How concessions are made.
  • An answer is a concession.
  • Complaining is useless
  • How to get out of an argument
  • The expert never says “no”, and never says “yes”.


  • Negotiating does not mean giving in, or surrendering.
  • What if they ask me for something? Hallelujah!
  • Conditions | Offers.
  • How an exchange is done.
  • Change of package.
  • From the proposal to the exchange.
  • Negotiating does not mean offering discounts.
  • The two-letter word most uttered by the expert.
  • How to deal with aggressive parties.


  • Handling closings.
  • What do I do if they propose a closing?
  • What if they ask me to split the difference?
  • And the price is not abandoned in the end?



Dates: December 9th and 16th, 2019
Timetable: Mondays, 9:15 – 18:30hrs
Duration: 2 x 8hr sessions (16hrs)
Location: EDEM (La Marina de València – Muelle de la Aduana s/n. Valencia)
Price: 890€

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